3 Ways in Which Cat Owners Can Appease a Pet Kitty

Cats are known for their unique style and personalities. They have a reputation for being furry royalties of the house, mysterious, fussy, independent, etc. Kitty might have an exclusive litter box for pooping; however, your picky kitty can choose the garden or bath area to poop. Also, there might be multiple wall/window perches for your kitty to hang out; still, they may prefer to sit on your refrigerator or kitchen counter to observe the ongoings in the home.

It can be challenging to understand your kitty’s strange behavior, but it’s not impossible. What we suggest is instead of trying to control your kitty cat or punishing them for inappropriate behavior, learn their ways and go with the flow. In short, work for your kitty cat’s health and welfare by taking the unnecessary stress out. At the same time, consider purchasing cat insurance, so your kitty has sufficient health cover, and you don’t need to bear the entire vet bills during unwarranted health events.

The best pet insurance can provide comprehensive health coverage, while cheap cat insurance policies provide basic medical coverage and are affordable. Weigh your options carefully before signing up for a pet policy. In the meantime, read this article to learn three ways to keep your kitty pal contented and thriving.

Basic cat instincts

First, you need to know what a cat likes and dislikes, so you can work on keeping them content.


  • Scratching on furniture.
  • Hang out in high places.
  • Chase critters, small toys, birds, etc.
  • Hide in secluded places for hours.
  • Spend time grooming itself.
  • Marking territories with its furious paws.
  • Hunting tiny creatures.
  • Bringing you occasional late-night gifts.
  • Cardboard boxes, baskets, and other things it can sneak in.


  • Dirty litter box.
  • Stagnant water.
  • Stale food.
  • Loud noises.
  • Certain smells.
  • Too much attention.
  • Too little attention.
  • Excessive tummy/head/chin rubs.
  • Confronting strangers.
  • Being stared at.

1.How to fulfill your kitty’s hunting instinct?

It is one of the foundational qualities of a cat. Like their wild cousins – tigers, panthers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, etc., cats love to stalk, pounce, leap, chase, hunt, and rejoice with their kills in their little furry hands.

You might have observed how much your little cat tries to catch your bare fingers or toes whenever it has an opportunity to get a hold of them. Your fingers/toes may seem particularly juicy prey to your fur baby. So, provide your kitty cat with various interactive gaming options so they can enjoy a virtual hunting experience.

2.How to fulfill your kitty’s grooming instinct?

Grooming is one method cats follow to lower shedding in undesirable body areas. A kitty cat reaps the double benefit by doing this. First, it gets rid of the loose fur. Second, it doesn’t leave a trace of hair behind that could otherwise lead large predators to the cat or cat’s hideout. So, have regular grooming sessions to help your kitty maintain its fur and potentially protect itself from bigger animals.

3.How to fulfill your kitty’s climbing instinct?

Cats love to stay in high places. Consider purchasing cat towers, cat trees, cat caves, etc. Provide your kitty cat with these vantage points so they can safely curl up, view their territories and trespassers, and prepare themselves to hide or take flight in emergencies.

Cats take a lot of risks during their everyday lives, which is why cat parents must offer them a secure space to do their things. So also, cat owners must reflect on purchasing cat insurance, so providing their fur ball medical care in times of accidents, injuries, illnesses, and health emergencies need not be financially cumbersome.

The best pet insurance may cost a little more compared to other cheap cat insurance policies; however, they cover broader health conditions. So, explore your pet insurance options carefully before making a payment.


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