4 Best Psychological Thrillers of All Time

We, more often than not, go to the movies for the thrill and suspense. We have this undying desire to live out exciting events that may not be possible otherwise, to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and to experience new stories. We all long to escape the real world.

But the best psychological thrillers offer so much more than just suspense and thrills. The best psychological thriller focuses more on the interior worlds of the heroes and villains whose understanding of reality is alarmingly close to failing than on the external adventures and threats. The stories of delusion, paranoia, abuse, and phobia. Such movies play with the anxieties of the viewers all the while offering the desired catharsis, exposing our fears, and making us realize whether we can conquer them or at the very least be aware of them.

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Regardless of what medium you are using to view them, it is safe to say that psychological thriller is one of the most entertaining genres. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best psychological thrillers of all time that you can watch over the weekend with your thrill-seeking and adrenaline-craving friends.

 American Psycho

This is a dark comedy horror film based on the life of New York investment banker, Patrick Bateman, who lives two different lives: One, as a wealthy 27-year-old who likes to dine in with his narcissistic and ego-centric friends at luxury restaurants, and the other as a serial killer who carries out all his violent, hedonistic fantasies which he bottles up and hides pretty well from all his rich friends. The movie is a dark and wry comedy that takes apart and analyses all the aspects that make a man a monster.


This is a psychological thriller where a married, Parisian couple receives petrifying videotapes on their front porch which makes them realize that they are under surveillance. As the story progresses, the videotapes are sent with horrifying hidden messages and clues within the tapes through which the couple attempts to find the person responsible. This is a mysterious and elusive thriller that ends on a confusing note that you may not understand the first time around.

 Gone Girl

This is an American psychological thriller where a New York based author and his glamorous wife put a front of a happy marriage but after their fifth anniversary, the husband reports his wife as missing after which a series of truths are revealed that bring forward the real state of the marriage. The revelation of these events makes the husband look like a suspect. Gone Girl explores the idea of living in public, marriage, and being perceived as an icon or object. It is one of the most popular crime-based psychological thrillers and the best part is that it is said to be based on a true story.

 Shutter Island

This is a neo-noir psychological thriller where a U.S marshal is sent to a psychiatric facility in a remote location to investigate the disappearance of a patient. But as he investigates, he soon realizes that something bizarre is at play at the psychiatric facility. The doctors are exercising some radical treatments that range from unethical to downright sinister. As the movie progresses further, the marshal starts to question everything – his partner, his memory, and his own sanity. This is one of the best psychological thrillers of modern times that will keep you on your toes and make you watch every frame with the utmost concentration so you can gather clues.

 Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned are some of the best psychological thrillers that you can watch if you are a fearless adrenaline junkie who loves watching such movies. These movies offer an abundance of entertainment as they are a mixture of various genres including crime, horror, mystery, and even action. So, grab your popcorn because it is going to be a show!

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