4 ways to set up Email in QuickBooks Desktop

Among the many useful tools of the QuickBooks Desktop, emailing directly from the program saves a lot of time and work. I’ll publish “how to set up email in QuickBooks” very soon, to tell one of my friends who run a small business and have been using Quick Books for many years and they didn’t know surprise, about Set Up email in QuickBooks Desktop.

If you would want to know how to set up Email in  QuickBooks Desktop, read this article. Also, find methods to establish QuickBooks E-mail invoices for Outlook and Web Mails and how you customize your e-mail service settings. You may also contact our free number +1-888-202-8743 for QuickBooks ProAdvisor In addition if you want.


Advantages-Set up Email in QuickBooks Desktop

Use the QuickBooks e-mail service to transform transactions over webmail or Outlook. It’s time and it’s time to save. If you want to continue with this, you only need to upgrade QuickBooks to its newest edition. After your product has been up to date, you may submit a range of forms, invoices, reports, and more.

  • Easy to e-mail invoices and your clients’ estimates.
  • Send your customers payment records by email.
  • The buyers and sellers will immediately collect their data.
  • Tablets and other accessories can import data up to 2 MB.
  • QuickBooks Emailing can also be utilized in offices or divisions to share reports.



QuickBooks Setup’s Prerequisites

  • A service provider’s email address.
  • Password and email username.
  • E-mail settings for input and output (varies as per the email service provider)
  • Server


4 ways to set up Email in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, there are several ways to set up emails in QuickBooks Desktop, irrespective of the version you have. Any current mail you use to communicate with your business can be used or a new one. Nearly every e-mail provider supports QuickBooks emailing. The most common are the following:

  • MS Outlook
  • E-mail Service(Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail,, etc.)
  • Something else (AT&T, Verizon, AOL, etc.)



Option 1: How to configure QuickBooks Email service?

  • When configuring a QuickBooks email, choose QuickBooks email settings.
  • Only customers that have current intuit services such as QuickBooks Payroll, IMS (intuit Merchant Services), QuickBooks Enterprise Full Service Plan, and QuickBooks Billing Solutions can use QuickBooks Email to create a copy of their account. Transfer of file (You may follow the directions for the onscreen setup wizard)
  • Complete the blanks requested for an email address, username, password, and incoming information. And you have made e-mail settings outgoing and server details for e-mailing.
  • As QuickBooks won’t save a copy of your e-mails. It is going back again



Option 2: Setup Email in QuickBooks via Outlook

The QuickBooks Desktop can simply be linked to your view profile to sending invoices, estimates reports to vendors and customers, and is available through e-mail as a PDF attachment. Following the easy instructions below you may set it up.


  • Set Outlook to the email address you want to use for QuickBooks emailing is it not.
  • Open QuickBooks to the menu bar and open the Edit menu at the top.
  • The most common are the following:
  • Send the forms and choose Preference.
  • Select the Outlook Radio from the three options you see and click on
  • Close the Window Preferences and attempt emailing QuickBooks for testing



Option 3:Set Up Email in  QuickBooks using Webmail

If you have Gmail or Yahoo email hosting services or have an email account. You may connect it with straightforward steps to send QuickBooks emails. Which are basically the same but somewhat differently from one provider to another in terms of SSL security, SMTP server, and port configuration.


  • Select Send Form from the left pane and open the Edit menu.
  • Choose My Preferences and choose from the choices you see the Webmail Radio.
  • Enter the email address you want to use to email QuickBooks
  • As information from your service provider, the SSL Security option should be selected.



Option 4: Regular webmail settings:

The WebMail servers are controlled by the Internet Service Provider. QuickBooks automatedly supply the most popular provider information, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, etc.


  • Send Form From the QuickBooks Edit menu, click on Send Preferences.
  • Click on the Add button, then pick WebMail.
  • Then pick your provider and input your email address from the drop-down list.
  • Click on OK.



Note: If you want Secure webmail, the first time you send an email to your ordinary webmail, Quickbooks desktop prompts you to provide your WebMail password.


If your webmail password is not accepted by Quickbooks.

For CableOne users: Follow the instructions above since you use Google servers to use cable one.

Your Email Address:

Provider of Email: Gmail

Port: port: 587 or 465

SSL: Yes.


We hope that now you can easily set up Emails in QuickBooks Desktop. If you still need some assistance then you can call us on +1-844-405-0904.

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