5 Factors to Consider Before Undergoing Hyperbaric Therapy

Have you ever felt your body needs a little extra boost to heal? If so, you may greatly benefit from hyperbaric therapy. This treatment can increase the amount of oxygen in your body’s tissues, promoting healing and reducing inflammation. However, before starting treatment, you should consider some important factors. 

While Auburn Hyperbaric Therapy can be a beneficial treatment option for many medical conditions, it is essential to understand how it works and its requirements. Doing so can help ensure that it is a safe and effective choice for you. This article will explore the critical factors to consider before undergoing hyperbaric therapy so that you can make an informed decision about your health and healing journey.

Medical Conditions

It is crucial to thoroughly understand your medical condition before undergoing hyperbaric therapy. This treatment can be an effective option for many medical conditions. However, it may be unsuitable for some. Some conditions, like emphysema, may not respond well to increased oxygen levels and could worsen with hyperbaric therapy. 

Additionally, other medical conditions like asthma, lung collapse, and certain heart conditions may require additional precautions or adjustments in treatment during hyperbaric therapy. Therefore, it is always essential to consult your doctor and discuss your medical history and any pre-existing conditions before starting hyperbaric therapy.  


Access to hyperbaric therapy centers can be a significant factor to consider before treatment. Depending on your location, hyperbaric therapy centers may not be readily available, and you may need to travel to receive the treatment. 

Transportation to and from the center can add extra time, expense, and other challenges, especially if you require frequent or extended sessions. Before committing to hyperbaric therapy, research the available options in your area and consider the practicalities of accessing them.


Hyperbaric therapy can be expensive, and insurance coverage may vary depending on the insurance plan and the medical condition being treated. It is important to understand the cost of the treatment and insurance coverage before beginning treatment. 

Enquire from your hyperbaric therapy center if they offer payment plans or financial assistance programs to help make the treatment more affordable. By understanding the cost of hyperbaric therapy and insurance coverage, you can decide whether the treatment is financially feasible.

Potential Risks

While hyperbaric therapy is generally considered safe, there are still some potential risks before treatment. Some potential risks include ear and sinus problems such as discomfort and pain. 

To minimize this risk, it is essential to equalize the pressure in the ears and sinuses by yawning, swallowing, or using specialized pressure-equalizing devices during the treatment. Discussing these potential risks with your doctor and the hyperbaric therapy center staff before beginning treatment is essential. 

Length of Treatment

Hyperbaric therapy typically requires multiple sessions to achieve the desired healing effects, and the length of each session can vary depending on the medical condition being treated. The number of sessions required can also vary based on the severity of your condition and your response to treatment.

It is essential to discuss the recommended length of treatment with your doctor and the hyperbaric therapy center staff before beginning treatment. Understanding the length and frequency of treatment can help you plan your schedule and make any necessary arrangements to ensure you can complete the full course of treatment.

Hyperbaric therapy is a powerful medical treatment that can be a game-changer for many patients. By carefully weighing the above factors, you can ensure you receive the best care and treatment for your medical condition.

By discussing these factors with your healthcare provider and the hyperbaric therapy center staff, you can decide whether hyperbaric therapy is the right treatment for you. Remember that hyperbaric therapy is just one of many treatment options available. With your doctor’s help, you explore alternative treatments that may suit your specific condition.

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