CBSE Exam: How to Score 90+ Marks in the Board Exams?

The CBSE board exams are very important in the life of a student as it bridges the gap between education and career. If a student scores more than 90+ marks in the board exams, they will be able to easily get a seat in the most prestigious colleges of the country. The board exams are nothing but an assessment conducted by the CBSE board in order to get a clear picture of the knowledge attained by the students in their entire academic career.

First thing a student has to keep in mind while preparing for the exams is to choose the right study material. Among the various study materials available in the education market, finding the perfect one would be a difficult task for the students. For this reason, students are advised to understand the NCERT Syllabus which is prescribed by the CBSE board. By having a knowledge of the syllabus and curriculum, it will be easy for the students to find the perfect match for their exam preparation.

NCERT Books are the reference materials which are recommended by the CBSE board. In order to prepare for any exams, students should first learn the concepts which are provided in these books. The highly experienced teachers design the books to enhance the logical and analytical thinking skills among students which is important from the exam point of view.

Tips to score good marks in the CBSE Board Exams

  1. Refer to NCERT Books

For any exam preparation, students have to first go through the NCERT Books. Each and every minute concepts are explained in a most comprehensive manner to help students grasp them effectively. These books also help students to face the competitive exams at state and national level with more confidence.

  1. Focus on the marks weightage

Before going to the chapter, students should first understand the marks allotted for each chapter. Doing this will help them save a lot of time in learning the concepts of low marks weightage. If students get an idea of the marks allotted for each concept, they will be able to spend more time on the important concepts and ace well in their final exams.

  1. Prepare a time table

After understanding the syllabus and the marks weightage, it is crucial for the students to prepare a time table. This will help them to spend sufficient time on each subject on a daily basis and learn new concepts. It will also help them to understand the basic concepts which would be continued in their higher education levels as well.

  1. Revise the concepts

A few months prior to the exams, students have to revise the concepts and recall them accordingly. This will basically improve their ability to curate perfect answers for the questions which appear in the exams. It will also help them to analyze their areas of improvement and work on them for a better academic performance.

Using the tips explained above, students will be able to ace well in their board exams. CBSE board has provided the NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 for all the subjects according to the latest curriculum. Following the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE board will help the students in their final exams as no question will be asked apart from the concepts present in the NCERT Books.

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