Five Signs Your Sexual Health Dysfunction Requires Expert Attention

Overlooking your sex life means some aspects of your physical and emotional health will feel the impact. Although many are afraid to open up about their sexual dysfunction, the fact is that a large number of adults aren’t enjoying their sexual life. Everyone deserves a satisfying sex life, and an expert should evaluate anything short of this. If you aren’t happy about your sex life, worry no further, as Atlanta sexual wellness services restore everything you require for a healthy and pleasing sex life.

But how should I know it’s time to seek medical attention for my sexual health dysfunction? If this concerns you, keep reading to understand the signs that indicate it’s time to seek sexual wellness treatments.

1.     1. Vaginal dryness

Typically, vaginal dryness occurs due to hormonal changes that occur during menopause. However, it’s still common for premenopausal women to suffer vaginal dryness, especially if they have low estrogen levels or other underlying health conditions. Mostly, vaginal dryness causes discomfort during intercourse, which can impact your sex life. Nonetheless, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help stabilize estrogen hormones in women, which is handy in managing vaginal dryness.

2.     You have a low-sex desire

If you don’t want to get physically intimate with your partner and always make excuses, you have a low sexual desire. Factors like physiological issues, fatigue, hormonal changes, or medications can cause this. Low testosterone can make it challenging for men to have sexual arousal. In this case, you should consult your provider for treatments and lifestyle adjustments.

3.     Inability to orgasm

Being unable to reach orgasm makes you not have the sexual pleasure that you expected. Although this is majorly caused by hormonal changes, cases of fatigue, insufficient foreplay, chronic diseases, and certain medications can cause orgasm problems. This problem is connected to male and female partners; if not addressed by an expert quickly, they can interfere with your sexual life. However, with proper evaluation, your doctor can provide quality treatments to manage your condition.

4.     Erectile dysfunction

This condition affects men’s ability to get and keep an erection during sexual intercourse. While it’s typical to have bedroom issues now and then, struggling to make an erection more often, you have erectile dysfunction. This condition can also make you lose an erection during intimacy, making your erection soften even before ejaculation. While ED can occur due to various factors like chronic medical conditions, low testosterone levels are the primary cause of erectile dysfunction. Despite the negative effects of ED, you don’t have to accept it as you overcome it with sexual wellness treatments.

5.     Pain during sex

Sex intimacy is supposed to be appealing; thus, any instances of pain indicate an underlying cause. Sexual pain can occur due to vaginal dryness or other medical conditions like endometriosis or ovarian cysts. However, it would be best if you talk to your healthcare provider to evaluate the cause of your pain and recommend treatments for your wellness.

Considering how frustrating and overwhelming it is to suffer sexual dysfunction, you should seek treatments early in your best interest. Besides incorporating measures to boost your physical and psychological wellness, ensure you seek sexual wellness support. Despite the severity of what is affecting your sexual life, you will receive customized treatments that will boost your quality of life in the long run.

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