How to be healthy when working from home

Due to covid-19, our working style has been completely reformed. While some people have made their way back to their offices, others are still working remotely.

Whereas there are many benefits to remote working, including the saving on expenses and energy on the commute, easily connecting with people online, not having to rush through to make your way home, amongst many others, but there are many pitfalls to working from home as well.

When you are restricted to just your laptop and your home, things can get monotonous very quickly. Not only this, but there are other issues that can occur due to working from home.

Eye strain

Since working from home relies heavily on the use of screens, it may increase the chances of digital eye strain, which may at times merit the intervention of your Eye Specialist in Lahore.

Symptoms of digital eye strain include dry eyes, redness in the eyes, excess watering, headaches, neck strain etc.


You need to make conscious efforts to get in requisite physical activity. Since the work is mostly based around sitting and using screens, therefore, it may put you at risk of health complications that arise from being sedentary all the time.

At home, it is rather easier to do some stretching, light cardio, few yoga asanas during the day.


It is vital that you pay attention to your diet. Unlike work where there is a fixed lunch break, you may be tempted to work through it when at home. However, skipping meals is never the right approach.

It not only sets you for nutrient deficiency, but also ironically, increases the risk of weight gain. Hence, make sure that you take proper and healthy meals throughout the day. Moderate your caffeine intake. Drink plenty of water.

Get sufficient rest

It is imperative that you maintain a good work-life balance. Many people forgo their sleep and breaks in the favor of working; however, you must change this habit. Prioritize your rest. Get sufficient sleep; adults need around 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Also, getting sufficient shuteye is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Lack of it increases the risk of chronic ailments, depression, weight gain etc.

Designate office space

It is vital that you have a proper office space to work from. A cordoned off space means that your entire home does not turn into your office. Also, just because you are working from home does not mean that you work all the time.

Have specific working hours only. Don’t respond to work related queries once your office hours have ended; otherwise, you will drive yourself sick.

Moreover, in your office space, have a proper desk and a comfortable chair. Having an improper posture can lead to strain and aches. It also may have long-term effect on your spine as well.

Have a routine

Humans are a creature of habit. Having a proper schedule allows the brain to be prepared, and this planning also helps in utilizing the day better. So, have a work routine, one that is composite of healthy habits like lunch break, mini walk-breaks, not taking the work out of the office etc.

Furthermore, a proper routine also means that there is less stress in your life as well.

Cater to your mental health

Working from home can be exhausting. Continuously working in isolation cannot only be boring, but lack of human contact and the subsequent loneliness can take a great toll on your mental health. It is especially hard on people who like socializing.

Also, when your home is also the site of your work, the lack of demarcation can make it feel like you are working all the time. The mounting stress and anxiety can take a toll on your mental health.

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