How to create a conversion-boosting landing page; 3 hacks

Landing pages are a key component of any successful Google ad campaign. And the copy on your landing page is a big part of ensuring maximum impact. So, how do you make sure your landing page copy is as effective as possible? In this article, we’re going to dive into 3 helpful hacks to keep you at the top of your landing page game (and website content writing too). All you need to do is sit back, relax and absorb. 

1. Speak to audience pain points

Knowing your audience back-to-front and communicating with them effectively, is a central ingredient in landing page success. Your copy needs to speak to your key personas directly (e.g. by calling out the specific job title) and go a step further by appealing to their major pain points. For example, being stressed due to lack of time.

A great landing page would start by validating that pain and then secondly, explain how your product / service can help solve it. Being able to connect your audience to your product / service in this way is the ultimate landing page hack. Store it in the back of your mind and resurrect it every time you write a landing page copy. You can’t lose!

2. Include a clear CTA 

Without a clear, compelling CTA, the conversion potential of your landing page is limited. If the visitor cannot decide exactly what you want them to do next, and feel compelled to do it after one glance, you’re doomed. Any confusion or obfuscation here can be deadly. 

So how do you achieve clarity?  Choose one central CTA and use simple, actionable language to communicate it e.g. “Book a Demo” or “Sign Up for a Free 14-Day Trial.” This gives no room for misinterpretation and increases conversion opportunities.

3. Use persuasive language

Our final hack for you today is to make sure you use persuasive language throughout. If your copy is dry, and lacking in colour, prospects are unlikely to be reeled in by it. You need to stay on track and focus on keeping them engaged and invested in the information you are expressing. Using persuasive, engaging language is a reliable of doing this. 

There you have it folks! Three shortcuts to an amazing landing page that continues to drive conversions well after the campaign launch day. If you need any extra help crafting compelling landing pages for a killer content marketing strategy, Prozely has a whole bunch of expert writers who can assist with any of your marketing copy needs. Get in touch today!

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