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importance of Social listening to a social analytics company by use of tools such as NetbaseQuid

Social listening is the process of using digital platforms to monitor conversations about brands, products, employees, or industry professionals. In doing so, social media managers can gain meaningful insight into how their company is perceived in different situations by different people.

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The role of social listening in social media marketing

Social listening is an essential component of any sound social media marketing strategy, as it gives businesses insight into their consumers’ changing needs and preferences. For example, if a company receives several complaints about its product quality on Twitter or Facebook, this information would be invaluable for executives considering altering the product composition or production process.

This information would also be helpful for sales representatives who are interacting with people on social media, as it can provide them with real-time feedback on the kind of products that customers are interested in.

Sales reps could then tailor their presentations to highlight these aspects and avoid pitching product lines that consumers don’t want, resulting in more substantial revenue growth.


How to use social media monitoring tools and complete your social listening


Social media management platforms like NetbaseQuid make it easy for marketers to monitor conversations about their brand in real-time.

All you need is to log in and type a keyword or hashtag related to your company, product, or service into the search bar on each platform. The mentions that pop up will show you all of the conversations going on about your subject area. You can test out queries for yourself by opening a new browser window and searching for your name, brand, or company.

Once you’ve logged in to Social listening tools, Quid shows a graph of the volume of social media mentions over time, which you can refine by location, language, and other factors.

This information is also available in various metrics that marketers can use to inform their social media strategy. It includes reaching (the number of people who’ve engaged with the post), influence (how many followers each user has), passion (the degree to which users love or hate the brand), and sentiment (the positivity or negativity of the conversation).

Marketers can also see whether consumers are talking about their brand positively, negatively, or neutral. Social media managers who discover that the majority of conversations include some degree of criticism might decide to analyze consumer demographics to find out if they’re targeting the right people.

In addition, they could also investigate the nature of these complaints to determine if any common themes require changes to their product or service offerings. Similarly, companies who discover that consumers love using their service will have a strong incentive to keep doing whatever they’re doing so as not to alienate these loyal fans.

Social media managers can also use this information to engage with their audience on social media platforms more effectively. For instance, if they see people complaining about a common problem or praising the company for its customer service practices, managers could respond by resolving the issue quickly or thanking users for their kind words. Doing so would improve consumer sentiment and build stronger connections with these individuals.


The value of social media monitoring for business intelligence reporting


Social media allows businesses to engage directly with their customers, who can tell marketers what they love, hate, and want more of daily. But this level of interaction takes some work on the part of companies if they’re going to make full use of the feedback consumers provide.

Marketers who use social media monitoring tools can get a complete picture of what customers think about their brand by tracking these interactions’ number, sentiment, and intensity over time. This information enables them to plan future marketing campaigns and product development strategies based on real-time insights into consumer preferences.



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