IPTV Payment Gateway Solutions for IPTV Merchants Online

Hello traders, we all know that this era is full of adventure and full of new inventions. As you can see 2 years ago coronavirus spread all over the world and everyone including employees and all businesses had to close for a very long time. But some of these businesses also gained momentum and spread all over the world.

Most of them are the medical industry, the scientific industry, and finally the entertainment industry. Singapore is one of the fastest-growing countries, which is famous for its clean roads and super-technology. It is also famous for its entertainment industry as most of you are clearly aware of its “Chinatown” where most of the “Chinese morals” and “ancestral things” are seen.

Similarly, there is also a business IPTV, which has come in the most trending phase of this epidemic, because people were left with no option but to work from home. At this time as soon as people were free from their work, they would have only one place to rest. And that is their television and their favourite TV channels are shown on it.

But even in such a situation, if you will get to see only limited things then why would you waste your money on that service, because cable-connected devices can only show programs to the extent that channels are already listed by the service provider. But an IPTV service provider gives you the facility to choose from unlimited TV channels, unlimited online videos, and all programs on-air.

Cable TV is beneficial for you only as long as you do not have a special interest in entertainment. There are very few people who do not care about these things, but the majority are more on the entertainment side. In such a situation, IPTV gives you a storehouse of entertainment.


IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol Television” which uses TCP/IP to provide you with a service of entertainment that connects your devices to all streaming platforms connected to the Internet. While a TV requires cable or satellite to show a limited number of programs, IPTV, on the other hand, only requires an internet connection to connect you to unlimited entertainment.

Their setup fees are also very low, due to which they are also economical. That is, get unlimited entertainment in a small subscription plan. While cable TV can show channels from only one TV, IPTV is applicable on multiple devices – mobiles, tabs, laptops, and smart-TVs.

It has a large community around the world, due to which people can enjoy their favourite entertainment while following social distancing. This is the reason why it has become such a big business, and it has billions of users.


Now it comes, what is the need for a payment gateway in this business. As you have already known that how big a business this is and new technology, new changes are coming in it every day, due to which the traders will definitely think of expanding their business. And with that, when it comes to growing the business online, it is natural to use resources in large quantities.

The most important thing in online business is that the transaction should be completed very easily, for which online merchants need a good payment processor. A good payment processor will make the transaction speed fast, easy and secure. Now, you can not choose any such payment processor for the development of your business, that’s why “paycly” has come forward with its best payment processing services.

Now a second before you think, we said that you cannot take any such payment process and we started promoting our payment. So let us tell you what things you should keep in mind while choosing a payment processor so that you can make a better choice.

  1. They must be a reliable payment processing facilitator who knows the needs of your business.
  2. By giving you information about the best contractual terms in the market, you can get rid of mental confusion related to money.
  3. Offer a payment processor that will speed up your transactions.
  4. Provide protection against online fraud, credit card scams.
  5. Give you facilities by keeping your business in the category of B2B.
  6. Make the rate of payment approval faster so that payments do not stop and chargebacks are reduced.

Your business is sure to expand when a payment processor meets these needs of yours. The reason is simple – to be able to do your transaction without any hassle and get everything done on time, is the first requirement of a customer. A fast and secure IPTV payment gateway from “Paycly” provides you the pleasure of services equipped with all these features.


Now with a normal merchant account, you will only be able to get limited merchant services. But you get paycly IPTV merchant account with many features. With this account, you get flexible contractual terms in which you can make changes in the future at any time, which is a very good initiative for your business plans, with this, you get an IPTV payment gateway that facilitates high-value transactions with the technology of “LVTS”.

This account is prepared as per the convenience of the merchants. With the help of this account, you can sell your goods online by connecting with customers globally. Customers from any corner of the world can buy your products online from your website and transact securely with the help of the same payment gateway.

This account can make your transactions secure and fast with 3D Secure and Non-3D secure payment processing services. With the help of 3D secure technology, you create a additional protection layer on the transaction which protects you from high malware. And with the help of non-3D secure technology, you can complete the transaction on your card details and expiry date without OTP or security check.

As you know, a credit card is the most widely used medium globally for processing transactions. This account also provides you this facility. And with the help of this account, customers paying you will be able to pay in their own currency, which will be very convenient for them.

As you know, credit cards are more accepted around the world than debit cards. That’s why, when your website makes a move to provide more services in this competitive era, it is natural for your business to expand.


Paycly provides you the best contractual terms in the merchant market and our IPTV Payment Gateway will make your transaction smooth as butter and secure as “LinkLock”. While high-risk businesses may be considered as unworthy thor for banks, Paycly gives you a chance to prove your worth. Paycly is ready, are you ready?


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