Is It Time for a Breast Lift? 5 Ways to Tell You Need to Elevate Your Breasts

As you grow older, natural events like breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight gain, and gravity may cause your breast tissue to lose its elasticity. This may lead to sagging breasts. Many women with sagging breasts consider breast lift East Windsor treatments to elevate and restore their breasts. During this procedure, your provider removes excess skin from around your breasts and lifts the tissue to a higher position. This gives your breast a curvier, fuller, more youthful appearance. And while only a qualified surgeon can determine whether you can get a breast lift, some signs can point you toward this conclusion. Here are five common indications that you should discuss it with your provider.

Your Nipples Seem to Point Downward

When the skin below your breasts stretches and starts to sag, the weight from your breast tends to pull your nipple downward. You may notice that your nipples are lower than they used to be or pointing toward your toes. In addition to being a cosmetic problem, this positioning can cause pain when your nipples continually chafe against your clothes. A breast lift can raise your breast tissue so that your nipples are facing forward again.

Your Areola Sits Below the Inframammary Fold

When determining whether you are a good candidate for a breast lift, your provider will usually examine the position of your areola in relation to the crease between your breasts. This is called the inframammary fold. You can also test the position at home using a sheet of paper. Standing in front of a mirror, slide the paper underneath your breast so that it lies against the fold. Are your nipples below the paper’s top edge? If so, you may have enough sagging to require a breast lift.

Your Breasts Are Unusually Shaped or Asymmetrical

Your breasts may not be saggy but they may appear asymmetrical or unusually shaped. In this case, you should consider a breast lift as it can help reshape your breast tissue. Your provider will tailor the treatment so that it restores symmetry and a normal rounded shape to your breasts. That said, it is important to point out that all breasts have some asymmetry, and only extreme cases require surgery.

Your Breasts Don’t Seem to Fit in Your Bra

Even when you buy the right cup-size bra, sagging breasts may fail to fit in them properly. This is because most of the volume and weight is at the bottom. If you cannot seem to find a bra that fits, you may discuss a breast lift with your provider who can make them rounder and fuller. A breast lift will not make your breasts larger, however, so if this is what you want, consider augmentation.

You Want a Breast Lift

Ultimately, there is no better reason to get a breast lift as you want one. If sagging breasts are making you conscious about your appearance and chipping away at your confidence, you can take steps to look your best. Your provider will not need another reason other than, “I want to improve my appearance.”

Discuss Breast Lift Treatments with Your Provider

Weight loss, pregnancy, and normal aging can leave you with unshapely or sagging breasts. A breast lift is an excellent way to lift and restructure your breast tissue so you get a curvier, fuller, more youthful look. If any of these scenarios describe your situation, contact a certified provider today to learn more about your options. There are multiple breast lift techniques and your provider can help you find the one that gives you the best contour and balance. Call their office today to get started.

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