Knee pain- Most common causes

Knee pain may be a result of ruptured ligaments, tendons, drying out of fluid sacks, etc. And lead to trouble in all types of physical activity. Your knee helps in the efficient movement of your legs and helps balance out the strain and weight that is on your feet. In case of knee pain, your body will be restricted from many activities, including walking, if the pain becomes severe. Though most common in elderly people, knee pain can happen to anyone. And if you are someone who is suffering from knee pain or the slightest discomfort around the knees, visit a doctor immediately. But till then, let us know some of the most common reasons behind knee pain myrtle beach:

Ruptured ligament 

If you have been in an accident and injured yourself, it might have affected your ligaments, tendons of the fluid-filled sac around your knee joint. These damaged elements in your knee can lead to acute knee pain.


One of the most common reasons behind knee pain is a fracture. If you broke your kneecap and went through surgery to fix it, you may suffer from pain, even after the bone has healed. The reason behind this is that bone once broken, may lead to a stinging sensation in the future. 

Excessive weight gain

If you have suddenly gained a lot of weight, it might become a reason for your knee pain. Weight gain leads to tremendous pressure on the knees, thereby causing discomfort and pain. Try exercising and keeping yourself fit to avoid such painful experiences.


There are around a hundred different types of arthritis that exist, and amongst these, there are many that affect the knees. If you are having regular knee pain, you might be suffering from degenerative arthritis. In such cases, visiting a doctor is the best choice.

Chronic knee pain can impact your day-to-day life. Thus, take preventive measures from a young age to avoid wear- and tear of knee muscles and ligaments and keep them in shape. Exercise regularly but also correctly, as the wrong way of exercising can also be a reason behind knee pain. Use knee caps while doing straining work or in pain to recover. Sometimes, the pain may need immediate attention, so keep an idea about a good orthopedic doctor near you to avoid last-minute hassle. The faster you want the recovery to be, the sooner you’ll have to visit a doctor.

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