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The Magilla Gorilla Show was a popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon from the mid-1960s. This animated series follows the adventures of Magilla, a troublesome but intelligent monkey. The antics of this character made viewers giggle while also piqued their interest enough to watch the next episode. If you appreciate classic cartoons, you probably like comic books, and there’s no better location to sell comic books than Dylan Universe Comics.

To begin with, Magilla was an ape on display in Melvin Peebles’ store as “for sale.” The businessman demanded that Magilla be sold right away since he could no longer afford to feed the ape. To attract bidders, Melvin even slashed Magilla’s selling price drastically.

Unfortunately, the initial buyers of Magilla were crooks. Magilla was going to be an accomplice or a prop in their crimes. Magilla, on the other hand, did not assist with the crooks; instead, he became a nuisance to them. Magilla was returned to Pebbles’ store, to cut a long story short.

The second Magilla buyer was employed by an advertising firm. The man was looking to purchase Magilla as a mascot for his new venture. However, Magilla, like the first bidder, thought he was being taken advantage of. As a result, he refused to comply. Magilla was also returned to Mr. Peebles by the advertising agency not long after.

The buyers would force Mr. Pebbles to return their money, and this trend would continue. Magilla will conclude each episode with the tagline “We’ll try again next week.”

A small girl named Ogee was the only character in the episode that had the unselfish aim of purchasing Magilla and caring for him. Unfortunately, Ogee was unable to persuade her parents to purchase Magilla at first. Was she able to persuade her parents later on? We don’t want to give too many details away, so you’ll have to watch the show to find out!

“How much is that gorilla in the window?” Ogee would ideally ask in the show’s theme song. ‘(How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window?’ is a parody of the novelty song.

The following are some of the most important details of ‘The Magilla Gorilla Show.’

Dates of Airing From January 14, 1964, until December 25, 1965, ABC broadcasted ‘The Magilla Gorilla Show.’ There were 31 episodes in total. Reruns of the show ran on ABC-Saturday TV’s morning block from 1966 until 1977.
Segments. ‘Punkin’ Puss &Mushmouse’ and ‘Ricochet Rabbit & Droop-a-Long’ were two more cartoon shows featured as portions in this animation series.
Human-Like. Magilla, like the majority of Hanna-Barbera creations, was dressed as a human. In actuality, the gorilla was dressed in a bow tie, suspender shorts, and his trademark little derby cap.
Sponsor. With the help of the toy firm ‘Ideal Toys,’ this hit cartoon series was broadcast on ABC.
Episodes. The Hanna-Barbera series lasted two seasons. The first season lasted 15 episodes, while the second season lasted 16 episodes.
Critics of DVDs The original main and end title sequences were not included when Warner Home Video released ‘The Magilla Gorilla Show’ on DVD in 2006. The drawings themselves were not restored. This resulted in a significant drop in Warner Home Video’s sales.
Popularity: Although the show is no longer well-known, it had an influence in its own right. Because of this comic, a Brazilian boxer named Adilson Rodrigues adopted the moniker “Maguilla.” This name is more well-known among his admirers and the broader public than his own name.
Magilla Gorilla made multiple guest appearances in various cartoon shows during the same time period. Yogi Bear had an appearance in the television movie “Yogi’s Ark Land.” He also appeared in the ‘Yogi’s Gang’ and ‘Yogi Treasure Hunt’ series. He also appeared in a ‘Scooby-Doo’ TV special in 1994.
There are two different Magilla Gorilla comic series. The Western Comics one had 10 issues, whereas the Charlton Comics one had five. Western Publishers also released a ‘Magilla Gorilla Kite Fun Book’ in 1964.
New Appearances: Magilla Gorilla‘s fame appears to be growing, as there are plans for him to feature in HBO Max’s upcoming series “Jellystone!”
Allan John Melvin voiced several popular cartoon characters and appeared in hundreds of television series from the 1950s to the 1990s. Magilla, the gorilla, was one of the most memorable figures he created.

Behind the Scenes of the Magilla Gorilla Show

Gorilla Magilla The voice of Magilla was dubbed by Allan John Melvin, a well-known American character actor and voice performer. When he was unable to attend the dubbing session, he was replaced by Mexican voice actor Jorge Arvizu.
Greetings, Mr. Peebles. Mr. Melvin Peebles’ pet shop owner, Howard Morris, was the voice actor hired to dub for him. Wade, Gopher, and Flem are some of the other cartoon characters Howard has voiced.
Ogee. Ogee’s voice was dubbed by Jean Vander Pyl, a charming little girl who was really interested in purchasing Magilla. Jean has also voiced characters from ‘The Jetsons,’ including Wilma Flintstone and Rosie the Robot Maid.

The Magilla Gorilla Show is available on DVD.

The rights to release the whole 31 episodes of the Magilla Gorilla Show in digital video disc (DVD) format were acquired by Warner Home Video on August 15, 2006. There were also 23 episodes of the ‘Ricochet Rabbit & Droop-a-Long’ cartoon and another 23 episodes of the ‘Punkin’Puss&Mushmouse’ cartoon included in the unique video bundle.

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