The Perfect Pair: Using a Moving Company and Self Storage Units for an Efficient Move

Relocating can be one of life’s most challenging events, especially when it involves handling a lot of belongings or coordinating between different locations. Fortunately, using services like a moving company combined with self storage units can simplify the process. Here’s how integrating these two services can make your next move not only easier but more efficient.

Why Pair Moving Companies with Self Storage Units?

1. Simplified Logistics: A moving company specializes in transporting items from one location to another efficiently and safely, reducing the physical strain and logistical headaches of moving. When you add self storage into the mix, you gain the flexibility to move out according to your schedule, storing items until your new home is ready.

2. Space Management: Often, there may be a delay in availability between leaving your old home and moving into your new one. Self storage units provide a secure place to hold your items during this gap. This is especially useful if you’re downsizing or need time to set up your new space before filling it with your belongings.

3. Decluttering Solution: During the packing process, you might discover items that you no longer need or that won’t fit in your new space. Using a self storage unit temporarily can help you sort through these items without cluttering your new home, giving you time to decide whether to keep, sell, or donate them.

4. Stress Reduction: By removing the need to handle everything at once, these services can significantly reduce moving-related stress. The moving company handles the transportation of your belongings, while the storage unit offers a flexible intermediate stop, simplifying the steps involved.

Choosing the Right Moving Company and Self Storage Unit

Selecting a Moving Company:

  • Research: Look for a moving company with strong customer reviews and an excellent reputation for reliability and service.
  • Services: Check if they offer comprehensive services like packing, loading, unloading, and even unpacking.
  • Insurance and Licenses: Ensure the company is licensed and offers insurance options to protect your belongings during the move.

Choosing a Self Storage Unit:

  • Location: Choose a storage facility that is conveniently located near your old or new home to minimize travel time and expenses.
  • Security: Look for a storage facility with robust security measures, such as 24/7 surveillance, gated access, and individual alarms for units.
  • Size and Type: Determine the right size and type of storage unit needed for your items. Consider climate-controlled units if storing sensitive items like electronics, artwork, or wooden furniture.

Tips for a Smooth Move

Plan Ahead: Coordinate moving and storage dates carefully. Ensure your storage unit is available before your move-out date and plan the move-in date around when you will retrieve your items from storage.

Inventory Everything: Keep a detailed list of what is packed for the move versus what goes into storage. This organization will help you keep track of your belongings and simplify the unpacking process.

Pack Strategically: Label boxes clearly with contents and intended location (new home or storage). Use quality packing materials to protect your items, especially if they are going into storage for an extended period.

Communicate Clearly: Make sure the moving company understands which items need to be delivered to the new home and which should go to the storage unit. Good communication will prevent mix-ups and ensure a smoother transition.


Combining the services of a moving company with the convenience of self storage units can transform a typically chaotic experience into a manageable, even pleasant process. By leveraging both, you not only make efficient use of your time and resources but also alleviate much of the stress usually associated with moving. With careful planning and the right partners, your move can be a seamless step into the next chapter of your life.

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