Top Reasons to Pick Botox and Fillers for TMJ Management

Like most joints, TMJ (temporomandibular) deteriorates with age. This means you will likely experience pain, tenderness, jaw locking, and facial pain. Among the solutions your dentist may recommend for TMJ is Ardsley Botox and fillers, a common name in the aesthetics industry. Botox and fillers can help address aging signs and TMJ symptoms, making it an appealing treatment for your confidence and the quality of your life. Among the reasons to choose Botox and fillers for TMJ management includes the following:

Effective jaw pain solution

As you age, collagen and other proteins level in your body decline. The slower production does not facilitate the accumulation of enough collagen and other natural proteins that provides padding to your body and joints. You experience jaw pain and inelastic and loose skin as the levels decline. Botox and filler injections add some padding back to the target area, effectively alleviating the TMJ pain and improving your skin’s condition. The added joint cushioning helps alleviate pain and ease your bite, chew, and speech functions since the jaw joint movements won’t be as painful.

Safe procedure

Botox and fillers are FDA approved. This means it is a safe treatment. While not primarily designed to deal with TMJ, Botox offers a safe way to manage the symptoms. The injection helps relax facial muscles and jaw tension. This helps you to safely alleviate pain and other TMJ symptoms while enhancing your looks. While you might experience some side effects like pain, bruising, and swelling at the injection site, they subside fast and allow you to realize Botox TMJ symptoms alleviation effects.

Non-invasive procedure

Untreated TMJ disorder can lead to chronic pain. At such a level, conservative treatments are unlikely to offer a reliable solution. This means you could be destined for surgery. Surgical treatments expose you to many risks and complications. This is not to mention the lengthy recovery process, which can inconvenience your routine.

Botox injections offer a non-invasive alternative. You don’t need lengthy preparation for the injection, no incisions are made, and you will be in and out of your dentist’s office in no time. The fast treatment also has no downtime. You must follow a few recommendations, such as not massaging or disturbing the injection area, but this won’t force you to take some days off work to recover. The non-invasive approach helps alleviate TMJ symptoms and bounce back to your routine quickly, making it an attractive solution.

Lasting impact

TMJ pain could see you resort to some measures, like minimizing diets that require more chewing. Your speech also takes a blow, which affects your social endeavors. Turning to options like over-the-counter pain relievers can be demanding since their impacts do not last long. Botox injection offers TMJ pain alleviation impact that can last for three-four months. Such a lasting effect makes your routine more manageable.

TMJ management is essential as you strive to maintain your dental function and avoid chronic pain that can impact your overall wellness. Botox and filler injections offer a cost-effective, safe, and effective option that also helps improve your looks. Contact Ardsley Dental Spa today for more on Botox and fillers for TMJ disorder.

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