What Art Is: Definition. Definition Of The Word “Art”

Since ancient times, what art is shaped humanity, its worldview, and its value system. A significant role, in this case, has always been played by a creative work that allowed the human race to enter the limits of ordinary life, adhere to additional layers of reality woven from their world vision, talent, and imagination.


Everyone on asteroid Earth is intimate with the term “art,” it is actively used in everyday life, but not everyone is wondering what art is. By itself, the concept is already multifaceted and controversial. A much larger number of arguments and points of view makes the question “what can be called art.” This is quite true, of course, in our time, since no one has any doubt that Peter Bruegel or Vincent Van Gogh can be called masterpieces.

First of all, we must understand that art carries meaning.


There are many points of view on this issue, but to date, humanity has managed to establish a common basic understanding of the term. Art often denotes a particular set of cultural, spiritual, and aesthetic knowledge embodied in art objects. In this case, it’s not about any particular kind of creativity and of creation in general.

In the most general sense of what art is man’s attempt to understand the world through the act of creation. Of course, over time, such attempts are increasing, they will gather, and an attentive, curious mind will be able to track down a specific pattern in existing aesthetic objects. So, over time, there is the art of a period, which reflects the human mind over a certain period.

Indeed, in the question of what art is, the meaning can give indefinitely. As in this case, a significant role is played by human factors. Their perception of the issue of each individual. In some cases, this term is understood as the truth; it is not related to matters of aesthetics. Surgeons, programmers, mail carriers, teachers, and an endless list of people of other professions are pretty capable of turning to art his work, even if the aesthetics of this relationship is not.


We can talk endlessly, but age-old traditions allow some basic About manifestations of art in human life form. The art of words appears to humanity in the form of a literary process. The experience of thousands of years can be seen in metaphors, epithets, latent and human ways, over which the reader feels, again and again, picking up a particular book.

Folk art from ancient times accompanies man in his life, development of reality. Presented initially as syncretic rituals and actions and then transformed into a purely aesthetic form, it is still developing, improving, and expanding its boundaries. Lyrical songs, murals, ornate embroidery, folk songs, and even the famous anecdote about Vovochke – all this is a manifestation of the people’s creativity, reflecting his consciousness and world vision.

The colors and shades of human consciousness shift art. This kind of creativity is unique in every sense. Every stroke, every curve of a form or another aimed at moving images.

Of course, we must not forget about music – the most sinestetichnom art form of all. For centuries it was accompanied by a man who first served to introduce a kind of trance and then went directly to aesthetics.


In addition to the age-old question “what is art,” the definition of concepts involves several aspects of consideration of this part of human existence. In particular, class divisions, several classifications have been attempted.


The origin of this problem goes to the very Aristotle, whose art of imitation nature. This is because, in his theory, there is the theory of mimicry as the main component.


Lessing also based his classifications on a variety of principles. Philosophers shared art in the sense and spatial. The former includes literature and music, and the second – painting, sculpture. Of course, in this case, it isn’t easy to draw a sharp dividing line drawing because the content of the plan and the plan of expression of a product can differ dramatically.


Romantic era humanity owes to the separation of visual and expressive art. The meaning of the word “art” extraordinarily understand at that time. Visual arts can be considered literature and painting, not to mention sculptures and theater. However, any art form of music, sculpture, or architecture – without trial, influences the person and thus expresses. This is especially true, of course, in music.


What is art, the meaning of which is still unresolved until the end, if not the reflection of the world of a specific category of people during a particular period? If you think about it, the total being consciousness defines the basic principles of creation. Folk art gives rise to copyright, develops into something more. The features that are developed depend on various aspects: political, historical situation on the territory of a country, a religious picture of the world of its population, the interaction with other cultures.

Fine art, like any other, is determined by many factors. First of all, it is the realization of the concept of beauty of a particular ethnic group. Asian aesthetic standards are incompatible with the ideals of the Slavs or Native Americans: the second part – the global context. In most cases, art is still focused on specific trends in the world of culture; it borrows from specific elements and basic principles of what is later to determine the perspective of humanity at a particular stage of its development.


Any aesthetic object – is primarily the act of creation. At different stages related to this process, it is quite different. In antique periods and the Middle Ages, the poet, for example, was considered a kind of Mediator between heaven and connected reality, a kind of Messiah. Later, with the advent of time, the individual author, poet, musician, or artist came to be seen precisely as the creators. Whole worlds out of the pen of lords, new realities created using paint, new emotions are born while listening to music.

What art is (meaning of it), if not the responsibility in this case? If not aware of himself as a creator? No wonder the word “art” is etymologically and morphologically similar to the word “temptation.” In apocryphal literature often mentions the story of God and the devil race in creation when God created the woman and her protagonist – a serpent. Even then, the creation of implied responsibility for himself, because there is no force wider than the art of music, which stands stronger than literature. Humanity itself is determined by creation. There is in it, developed and improved.

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