What is the dental Bridge Procedure in Coral Gables?

A dental bridge is a restorative treatment that fills the gap between healthy teeth or uses implants to replace missing teeth. A dentist can walk you through the process of installing coral gables dental bridges, which restores their functionality as well as their appearance.

What happens in the initial phase?

The very first phase of the dental bridge procedure is determining whether or not restorative treatment is required and whether or not a dental bridge is the most suitable option. To help patients understand the pros and cons of each alternative, a dental professional analyzes the area, takes X-rays, and goes over various options, including bridge type and design.

The healthy teeth on either side of the gap (abutment teeth) are prepared for the bridge during the first appointment for dental bridge placement. For the comfort of the patient, local anesthetic is used. The shaped teeth are then used to create impressions, which are then sent to a dental laboratory to be built, ensuring a close color match to the surrounding natural teeth for aesthetic purposes.

If the neighboring teeth are not strong enough to support the bridge, a dental implant may be required. A temporary bridge made of filling material may be used to protect the prepared teeth until the permanent bridge is ready for placement, at which point the temporary bridge will be replaced.

What happens during the second appointment:

The previously crafted permanent bridge is placed with the use of local anesthetic during the second appointment for the dental bridge procedure. The temporary bridge is removed, and the underlying teeth are cleaned if necessary, before cementing the permanent bridge to the abutment teeth.

What happens after the treatment?

Following the placement of the permanent bridge, the patient can feel and test the results by gently biting the teeth together. The bridge may feel strange at first, but this sensation usually fades quickly. A few final adjustments may be required in some cases to ensure a comfortable fit.

Final thoughts:

Aftercare and follow-up are critical components of the dental bridge procedure because they educate the patient on how to care for their new bridge. The dentist should go over the specifics of the dental bridge, as well as the recommended oral care and when to seek dental advice. A dental bridge can last for more than ten years if properly maintained.

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