The Different Components of Your Home and How To Decorate Them

Are you planning to build your own house but its components are somewhat of a mystery to you? You are probably clueless about all the details you have to take note of to achieve a complete structure of a house with the right home decorations. We have created this guide to help you have the basic knowledge about house components and how to make them look appealing.


Windows and doors are very important components of a home. They can be pretty simple but you can incorporate home decorations to add a touch of aesthetics. Make sure to build them using durable materials that can withstand extreme conditions. For the window, it must be made from vinyl to protect it from rain and severe UV rays. It must be composed of two main sections namely the top and the bottom which are popularly known as a sash. If you want a traditional window, then go for those made from wooden materials. The main pro tip that we have is to use home decorations like curtains to ensure that rainwater and sunlight would be blocked when necessary.


In terms of the doors, you may also use several home decorations to prevent them from looking too simple and boring. For exterior doors, utilize materials and home decorations that are resistant to water damage and extreme weather conditions. Some other examples of home decorations that you can purchase are signs, boots, picture frames, pumpkins, and faux leaves.


If you want a house composed of several floors, you would need stairs to connect each of them. There are different types of stairs that you can use like wooden or glass stairs. Whatever you may choose, you have to make sure that they are durable enough that earthquakes and other heavy items would not easily damage them. You may add home decorations on the walls where the stairs are laid on. These home decorations can be in the form of artworks like paintings and portraits.

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There are a variety of materials that you can choose from for your floors like tiles, marbles, concrete, and granites. They come in different price tags so select the one that matches both your aesthetics and budget. Space must be compacted and leveled to ensure utmost safety. Aside from that, its design must complement the style of your functional luxury furniture. If possible, the furniture pieces and home decorations have a similar color scheme with the floors to achieve an appealing living space.

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For the roof, you can either have a cabled or flat roof. The latter is a better option if you want to have a traditional home. The purpose of having a roof is to prevent rainwater and extreme sunlight from entering the house. It will protect you during hot and cold months. If you have chosen the right materials for your roof, you may expect that it can last for more than 20 years.

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The foundation is a crucial component of any house because it can dictate how long the property can sit in the place. The foundation is built on top of a cement square tube created into the ground. If the space you are about to build your house is composed of soft soil, make sure to tell your workers to first dig deeper into the earth and create a concrete slab. If this will not be followed, your house will most likely have a poor foundation that can easily be damaged by extreme weather conditions.


You must have a properly installed electrical system in your house to avoid encountering accidents and experience living in a space with incredible convenience. Make sure that the workers that you will employ to do the electrical system do everything in accordance with the safety standards. In this way, you will prevent facing electrical problems and it will let you live in the house for years without needing any electrical repair.

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In a Nutshell

Now that you know the different components of a house, you can make better and informed decisions when building your own. Just remember to adhere to the safety standards to not encounter any inconveniences in the years to come!

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