Why should you consider hurricane proof glass for Windows?


Hurricanes are becoming more devastating each year. Hurricane airflow intensities have increased by 5% throughout the last 15-25 years, according to NASA investigations. The water circulation has risen as a reaction.


At almost the same time, the number of citizens and the valuation of their homes in hurricane-prone areas are rising, expanding the risk of disastrous environmental disasters. In 2016, the United States administration expended $15 billion, compared to around $300 million in 1980.


Due to the extreme devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew throughout the southern United States in 1992, Florida’s judicial framework now stipulates that any buildings built after 2001 have hurricane-proof glazing. Then, to confirm that the shutters and glasses in Dade County are appropriate, a Miami-Dade validating is provided.


What consequence might the hurricane have on your residence?


Hurricanes can produce destruction to people in two ways:


  • Hurricanes are categorized into three forms:


Hurricanes are famed for their powerful wind gusts, which would fracture glass shutters, frames, and insulators, opening your residence to the outdoors quickly. Furthermore, everything unprotected from the environment is prone to becoming pulled and crushed by the storm.


When a window glass is smashed, the glass fragments become particles that could hurt people nearby.


  • Shutters that have smashed or collapsed have left a track of disaster along their behind.


When the window frame is not strong enough, not solely will the glasses break, however, the windows actually will be shattered, as well as the indoor and outdoor components.


Whenever the storm blows into the house, it breaks down everything inside. Water can penetrate your residence through these weaknesses, causing immediate and long-term deterioration to your home and assets.


What does hurricane proof glass indicate, and how does it work?


Aside from the concept that toughened glass is three times sturdier than regular glass, heat processing monolithic glasses would be used in hurricane resistant windows since toughened glass can smash into fragments, inflicting more significant damage to people when a hurricane hits with powerful winds and rainfall.


  • As a response, hurricane-proof shutters must meet the following criteria:


  • It’s incredibly reliable and tough to disintegrate.


The glazing of the Hurricane Proof Windows retains its durability after splitting and cannot be penetrated.


To avoid smashing throughout a cyclone, hurricane-resistant shutters must have sturdier glass and window frameworks.


As a solution, hurricane-resistant glasses come in three variations for hurricane-proof shutters:


PVB Laminated Glass


Other than that, the PVB laminated glass applied here is polyvinyl butyral laminated glass that has been reinforced.


However if one section of toughened glass fractures throughout a storm, the lamination can keep the glass intact while simultaneously functioning as protection to protect the innermost glazing.


Furthermore, the PVB substance safeguards the glass from infiltration.


SGP Laminated Glass


If two sections of PVB laminated glass inclined to separate, the PVB intermediate would break down; the PVB intermediate is weak and has a low shear strength, thus it would be unable to manage the fractured glass efficiently.


SGP laminated glass has a very long lifespan. SGP layered glass has four times the supportive capability than PVB laminated glass, however, its bending elasticity is only a fifth of that of PVB layered glass at the same thickness and force.


Because the SGP coating is much more tear resilient than the PVB, if the glass fractures, the SGP can connect to it and build a substitute structure with slight bending modifications. It can absorb a certain amount of pressure without completely shattering or bending the glass plates.


Polycarbonate Laminated Glass


The PC layer is significantly more resistant to shattering than standard glass or toughened glass panels since it has a greater compressive capability. Even though crushed with a hammer, it has no probability of collapsing.


Polycarbonate layered glass with anti-intrusion and gunshot protection is widely used, and it will possess the highest storm endurance. It is, therefore, the most valuable.


Glass is just one element of hurricane-proof shutters; the alignment of glasses and framework offers the strongest security all through hurricanes. Watertightness, air penetration, and air strength are the most important qualities of hurricane-resistant window glazing.


Mornglass. is the leading seller of hurricane-proof glasses. We have a group of knowledgeable specialists who can advise you in purchasing the best window glass for your preferences and evaluating the complete implementation process. If you want guidance, make sure to contact us.

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